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About Chesapeake Physical and Aquatic Therapy

Chesapeake Physical and Aquatic Therapy was established in August 2002 by Doug Rosener and Jared Goldstein. Both Doug and Jared had gained incredible experience in outpatient therapy corporately, and decided they wanted to try and do things differently in their own practice. Their desire to deliver the highest quality in Physical and Aquatic Therapy, has allowed them to provide the best care possible for their patients. The CPAT facilities have allowed them to add onsite aquatics such as Warm Water Therapy to their treatment repertoire as well as an array of fitness equipment to assist in the rehabilitation of their patients. Warm Water Therapy is a treatment that CPAT is proud to offer and a service that not many therapists in the area provide to their clients. Along with Physical and Aquatic Therapy, CPAT also offer specialized care for sports injuries, joint & muscle pain, women's health and orthotic fabrication. All of these services along with their commitment to one on one, personalized care make Chesapeake an attractive choice for outpatient therapy. In addition, occupational therapy has been added to offer a more complete and specialized team of therapists to CPAT. All the renowned therapists at CPAT have treated a diverse patient population including professional athletes, weekend warriors, homemakers, and the elderly. So, whether you injured yourself on the field, on the job, have undergone surgery, or just want to get rid of those nagging aches and pains, CPAT has the answer for you. We hope you will allow one of our therapists to develop a unique and specialized program to get you back in action-You'll be glad you did!


Aquatic therapy is a service that CPAT provides and is offered at very few clinics in the area. It is a proven way to help restore a patients' health quicker then other therapies. Reason being that patients can begin aquatic therapy days after an injury or surgery with very little risk of causing any type of re-injury. The ability to initiate early intervention results in a more rapid recovery. The aquatic environment allows for decreased weight bearing on the patients' joints, along with decreased swelling or edema. Aquatic therapy also helps to strengthen the respiratory muscles, and improve motion, flexibility and strength. All key elements in health and a proper recovery.


Land Therapy includes therapeutic activities, progressive resistance exercises, dynamic stabilization training, neuro-muscular reeducation, sports specific training, muscle balance, postural work and cardio-vascular training. All of these options are tailored to fit each patients specific needs. The therapists at CPAT look to understand and educate each of their patients on the best and most successful treatment options. In order to do this, they utilize the most up-to-date physical therapy equipment, which guarantees comprehensive rehabilitation needs allowing clients to return to their active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Depending on your needs, a combined aquatic and land program may be prescribed. Manual therapy is often incorporated into both programs. Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy places great enphasis on education as well as home programs. This means you can help yourself prevent further injuries and maintain a healthy lifestyle after discharge.

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