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Graston Technique®

Graston Technique® (GT) effectively breaks down scar tissue and reduces inflammation that causes pain, loss of motion and stiffness.
This remarkable procedure allows us to detect and treat areas of "scar tissue" or adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments that can reduce our range of motion and cause pain. In the healing process, our body attempts to repair those areas by creating "scar tissue," much like the scar that forms on the skin when you have scraped or banged your knee. In time, we can have a buildup of this fibrous scar tissue, particularly in the muscles, tendons and ligaments that get a lot of use. This can lead to pain and dysfunction because this replacement tissue lacks the strength and flexibility of healthy tissue ( in some areas it may even mat down and entrap a nerve).

The Graston Technique (GT) allows us to better detect and treat these areas because it uses a stainless steel instrument that glides along a patient's muscle, tendons or ligaments, with the right amount of pressure to detect just where the scar tissues or restrictions are located. Once restrictions are found, the instruments can then be used to "break up" this restrictions or adhesions. Stretching and strengthening exercises are used to promote realignment of the fibers in to the normal pattern of healthy tissue.

The Graston Technique has been effective in the treatment of:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Cervical pain
  • De Quervain' Syndrome
  • Epiconylosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • IT band Syndrome
  • Joint Sprain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Muscle Strain
  • Painful Scars
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Post-fracture Pain
  • Women's health (Post-mastectomy and Caesarean scarring)

The Benefits of the Graston Technique is not only in detection of restrictions of adhesions, but also in the amount of improvement that takes place in a short amount of time. All the body parts are connected in what is referred to as the kinetic chain. The instruments allow the therapist to follow the kinetic chain, effectively uncovering the cause of the problem then treating the cause and the area of pain or restrictions.

Patients usually receive two treatments per weekend for four to five weeks. Most patients have positive response within two or three treatments.
GT decreases overall time of treatment, fosters faster rehabilitation/recovery, reduces need for anti-inflammatory medication and resolves chronic conditions thought to be permanent.

If you have not experienced the Graston Technique, yet you have lingering discomfort or stiffness, please ask us whether you may be helped by this effective treatment.
Care Instructions and possible Side effects.

  • Dedication to a prescribed home exercise program including stretching and strengthening is essential to success of your treatment
  • It is recommended that you drink six to eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day. Adequate hydration is important to promote proper healing.
  • Since the Involved tissue binds with normal tissue, it develops blood supply. As restrictions are released healthy tissue, bruising may occur, especially in treating chronic conditions. Some areas of the body that have a very rich blood supply may produce more bruising. Bruising can be controlled with ice.
  • An increase in soreness and discomfort is not uncommon after the first treatment session and is most often a positive sign that restrictions have been released. Soreness is usually minimized after 48 to 72 hours and can be controlled with ice and stretching.

for more information go to or contact our clinic at 410-381-7000.


By Jared Goldstein
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